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Face defender is now on Google Play

Friday, June 20th, 2014 by Phillip Napieralski

What do you do when you want to learn a new cross-platform language like Haxe? Port one of your ancient/dinky flash games to it!

On Google Play / flash version

While I have the app working on Google Play now (so you can try it on your android devices) – the real power behind haxe is the ability to be completely cross platform. So, here’s the flash version, have fun!

Porting experience

I started looking into Haxe, specifically HaxeFlixel, about two weeks ago while searching for an awesome cross-platform API. While HaxeFlixel still doesn’t support Windows 8/WP8, I’m confident someone out there is working on it.

Regardless, the experience going from Flixel in actionscript to HaxeFlixel has been great so far. Everything with HaxeFlixel seems very familiar to what I’m used.

Time spent / conclusion

I spent a weekend on porting this game. And, while there are a couple quarks and differences from the original flixel version, it’s more or less the same experience (aside from the sound effects and music, which I lost somewhere!).

So, whether it be haxeflixel or some other cross-platform toolkit, I’m sold on the idea of using cross platform tools. It’s especially nice being able to post my games on my wordpress blog as flash and also on the android marketplace with minimal overhead.