Auto Caption Fail

Youtube unveiled it’s new autocaptioning feature to the mainstream last week and well… it definitely needs work. Regardless, I found some hilarious ‘mis’-translations. For example, check out this video of’s review of the iMPROV boogie board.

Here are some interesting/funny excerpts from the auto captioning:

“So let me explain how this works hand into a fist side here”
“Casey had two sheets of plastic right… He’s wanted for murder and not an artist”

“Messages conferees what that’s why all this black kids because the…”

“There’s the jews how this works”

According to Mediapost, Google is intending to use the auto-translations for metadata. At this stage, that is a bad idea. Suppose I did a google video search for “Casey the plastic murderer.” One of the top results would be the video above!

I can appreciate a good idea, but I think auto-captioning needs work (and probably will for another 20 years). Though I’m glad to see they are testing it on us!

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